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HKY IQ can design and manufacture custom hockey sticks, equipment and accessories custom designed with your team or association's logos, colors, mantra, player names/numbers and more. Elevate team pride while reaching your ice hockey association and team goals.

Whether you are looking for fundraising opportunities for your youth hockey association, working to grow your association by making hockey more accessible, or you want your team to have an impressive custom look, HKY IQ can help!

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Interested in fundraising opportunities for your youth hockey association or team?

After we design custom team or association sticks and gear, we can create an online store for just for your association or team. This partner store allows your members to buy elite-level, custom gear on a revenue share model. A great way to provide your organization with additional funds. Inquire today!


Is your goal to grow your association by lowering the barriers to entry? 

We can partner to make the Hockey is for Everyone movement a reality within your organization. By partnering with HKY IQ, you can lower the barriers to entry to your association. Together we can achieve this in a variety of ways including: offering low cost equipment, subsidizing equipment to grow your youth hockey teams, using your association's HKY IQ store revenue to offset equipment costs for selected teams or age groups to grow your talent and revenue pipeline.

Are you a hockey team looking to save money on professional level custom teams sticks?

Contact us to put together a team order of custom twigs featuring the same technology and engineering prowess used in our Savant ice hockey sticks for a substantial savings over buying off the rack hockey sticks.



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