Frequently Asked Questions

What sticks are yours comparable to?

We only make high performance sticks. Here are comparisons:

- Our mid-kick, double concave sticks are comparable to the CCM FT6 Pro.

- Our low-kick, double concave sticks are comparable to the Ribcore Trigger 8 Pro. Our sticks are slightly better as they are constructed with 24K carbon vs, the 18K used by the Ribcore.

- Our mid-kick, 5 sided sticks are comparable to the Nexus Sync

- Our low-kick, 5 sided shaft sticks, have no direct comparison. It is a cross between the Ribcore Trigger Pro 8 and the Nexus Sync.

When will you have a stick for my association?

We are constantly adding new associations. If you are interested in sticks for your association, contact us today!

How long to receive a custom pre-order stick?

Our custom Pre-order sticks are made to order, meaning they are made specifically for you at our factory. Current fulfillment time is running about 6 weeks, but can be a bit longer during busy periods.

Do you offer a warranty?

We currently do not offer warranty replacements in order to keep prices low. A warranty program would raise prices significantly and we are committed to delivering incredible value to our consumers.

How are your prices so low?

1. With a direct-to-consumer model, we cut out wholesaler and retailer mark-ups.

2. The big brands have huge overhead expenses and executive bonuses.

Why don't you offer different models at different price points?

The cost difference between a low-end, mid-end and a high-end stick is nominal. Other brands offer lower end sticks as decoys to inflate prices

Do you have an ambassador program?

We now offer a brand ambassador program, but it is extremely competitive. If you think you have what it takes, you can apply here.

Do you offer fittings and/or team events?

Yes. Contact us today if you would like to have us out for a stick fitting experience for your team or tournament.