About HKY IQ Sticks

 You can't buy a better stick, you can only pay more


You've likely heard people talking about hockey IQ. It's a way to describe the intangibles of our game. It is like having a sixth sense out on the ice. You see things before they happen. You've either been in or seen plays like this develop before. You know how it is going to pan out and how the other players are going to react. So you exploit that to help your squad to victory. 

HKY IQ sticks are the smart play. You have developed your skills through dedication, hard work and lots of ice time. You should play the stick that adds the most to your game. Is that an off-the-rack stick that is the average of what most people need? Or is it an elite performance HKY IQ stick built to your specific needs? With HKY IQ, you can optimize your needs to build your weapon of mass production. Customize the size, curve, flex, kick-point, graphics, nameplate, 3D grip, finish, and take your game to the next level.

We use the best carbon fiber and the best factories to ensure your new stick has incredible performance and durability. Since we cut out wholesale and retail middle-men, you optimize your cash outlay as well.

Unleash your potential with a custom HKY IQ stick today!


Hockey parents save big over a youth hockey career